Every Order Plants A Tree

Mangrove Trees and river - Vacant Wheel
Mangrove Forest © photo: bAllllAd/istock

One Purchase = One Tree

Vacant Wheel is proud to announce that we have partnered with the kind people at GoodAPI and Eden Reforestation Projects. With every eco-friendly purchase from our store, a tree is planted.

We cover the cost of each tree, and there are no hidden charges for you. Our automated process ensures that every order you place contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for everyone.

Partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects

At our small business, we prioritize sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. Finding the right partners to help us scale our sustainability efforts and offset our carbon footprint is important to us. That is why our store uses Sprout powered by The Good API. This automatically connects every sale through our website to the Eden Reforestation Project which is working to restore healthy forests and reduce poverty by employing locals to plant millions of trees per year.

Man pouring water on mangrove saplings - Eden Reforestation Projects - Vacant Wheel
Eden Reforestation Projects © photo: tentree 2017

Why Trees Matter

The trees planted with Eden Reforestation Projects play a multifaceted role in our commitment to environmental conservation and climate change. They support diverse wildlife species and play a pivotal role in preserving and restoring fragile ecosystems. Along coastlines, these trees act as natural barriers, safeguarding vulnerable coastal communities from the forces of erosion and sea-level rise.

This tree-planting initiative creates sustainable employment opportunities for indigenous populations, empowering local communities with meaningful jobs that support their livelihoods. And by focusing on the cultivation of Mangrove trees in particular, this contributes significantly to mitigating climate change. Mangroves are celebrated for their extraordinary capacity to capture carbon, rendering them a critical element in worldwide endeavors to counteract carbon emissions and foster a more eco-friendly, sustainable future.

For more information about the Eden Reforestation Project, visit www.edenprojects.org.